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Magnet Card



Electromagnetic Wave Neutralization Card

 User Manual

Nowadays as mobile phones, computers and electrical appliances become increasingly popular in our daily lives, the chance of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation is increasing. Electromagnetic waves exist everywhere, no matter whether at home, in the school, in the office or even in the air. Powerful electromagnetic radiation may cause abnormal phenomena physically and mentally, such as degenerating the faculty of memory, tinnitus, fainting, dizziness, fatigue and so forth. Therefore, minimizing the harm to our bodies is an important issue in modern society.


Please keep this card in your pocket, purse, handbag or business card clip. The closer to you, the more effective it will be.

Compatible Equipment:

This card can be applied to any equipment, such as mobile phone, computer, automobile, electrical appliance and long-distance wireless intercom.


PVC, rubber and special elements.


The use of this product will in no way interfere with or harm your body, electrical appliances or mobile phone.

This product will not degauss other cards with magnetic strips.

To protect the consumer’s rights, this product has been enhanced to meet the American Military Quality Standard; MIL-STD-105D.Our Company reserves all rights to modify the appearance and the materials of this product. We will take legal action to protect these rights if they are infringed. This product can be used indefinitely.


The Electromagnetic Wave Neutralization Card is made from selected natural minerals and rubber with a vinyl coated surface. When the magnetic core of the Card is affected by an electromagnetic wave, the card will release anions which will be absorbed by the body’s skin. Therefore, the ion level in the blood stream and the ionization rate within the mineral and the nutriment in the human body will be enhanced. As the level of anion in the blood and body fluids increases, the electric particles inside the cell membranes will be activated; at the same time, the cell function will be activated significantly. This will speed up the metabolism rate and achieve the effect of neutralizing ions